Thursday, October 24, 2013

October is National Physical Therapy Month

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) named the Top 10 Fittest Baby Boomer Cities in America in honor of National Physical Therapy Month and APTA’s campaign  Our city, Washington DC made the top 10 coming in at #7 based on a survey of the largest 50 metro areas in the United States. 

Top Fittest Cities for Baby Boomers in America:

  1. San Jose, CA
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Salt Lake City, UT
  7. Washington, DC
  8. Seattle, WA
  9. San Diego, CA
  10. Raleigh, NC

Way to go Washington!!!!

To find out more information browse the APTA website at or follow the APTA on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Osteoporosis: An Informative Seminar presented by Elena Dwyer, PT

If you live in northern Virginia and feel you or someone you know may benefit from physical therapy for Osteoporosis, please give us a call at 540-316-2680.  If you prefer to submit an inquiry or question via email, please click on the button below.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Elena Dwyer, PT to present an Osteoporosis Seminar at Fauquier Health

Osteoporosis is characterized by weakened bones and increased risk of unexpected fracture. It is the most common bone disease. An estimated 10 million Americans over the age of 50 have osteoporosis. Another 34 million have low bone mass. Osteoporosis is often present without any noticeable symptoms. Many people are not aware that they have it until a fracture has already occurred. Therefore, it is known as a silent disease. The most common areas of osteoporotic fracture are the spine, hip, and the wrist. Osteoporosis does not discriminate between men and women. Physical therapists are the ideal professionals to provide preventive care for osteoporosis or treatment if a fracture has already occurred.

Who should be referred to a Women’s Health physical therapist?

Those with:

• Pain related to osteoporosis

• Poor posture

• Balance concerns of falls

• Decreased ability to participate in normal daily activities

• Decreased strength, flexibility and/or endurance

• Those wanting to prevent or slow further bone loss

• Those interested in starting or resuming an exercise program

If you are interested in learning more about osteoporosis and how physical therapy can help you, Elena Dwyer, PT will be presenting an Osteoporosis Seminar to the community in the Sycamore Room at Fauquier Hospital.

Fauquier Health
500 Hospital Drive
Warrenton, VA  20186

7:00 pm
Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

***To register for the spring seminar on osteoporosis, visit or call 540-316-3588

If you feel you may benefit from physical therapy for osteoporosis, please call us at 540-316-2680. Or click on the button below to ask a question of one of our women’s health physical therapists.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Most Americans Live with Low Back Pain – and Don’t Seek Treatment

APTA reveals survey results and relief strategies for low back pain.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans experience low back pain, but 37 percent do not seek professional help for pain relief, according to the American Physical Therapy Association's (APTA) "Move Forward" Low Back Pain Survey. The survey provided results from more than 2,600 people aged 18 and older, who disclosed their experiences and habits regarding low back pain.
"Most people experience low back pain at some point in their lives, but many people don't realize they can prevent or treat the condition with the help of a physical therapist," said APTA spokesperson Mary Ann Wilmarth, PT, DPT, OCS, chief of physical therapy at Harvard University. "For Americans living with low back pain, everyday tasks can be a challenge, and this survey revealed just how much this condition can affect someone's quality of life."

Highlights from the "Move Forward" Low Back Pain Survey include:
•More than one-third of adults say low back pain has affected their ability to engage in tasks of daily living (39 percent), exercise (38 percent), and sleep (37 percent).

•Low back pain isn't just for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. In fact, more than half (54 percent) of Americans who experience low back pain spend the majority of their workday sitting.

•Men (31 percent) are more likely than women (20 percent) to report that low back pain affects their ability to do work.

•When experiencing low back pain, nearly three in four (72 percent) Americans use pain medication as a way to relieve their symptoms. More than half (55 percent) said they use heat and cold packs at home for relief.

While low back pain is a common problem, it doesn't have to be a common part of everyday life. Physical therapists advise staying as active as possible and sticking to a normal routine, since bed rest for longer than a day can actually slow down recovery. Most low back pain is not serious; much of the time it is caused by overuse, strain, or injury. Rarely, low back pain is caused by a more serious condition such as a herniated disc or osteoarthritis. If pain lasts more than a few days or gets worse, it may be advisable to make an appointment with a physical therapist.

By determining the cause of a patient's low back pain, physical therapists get to the source of the problem and develop a treatment plan, which may include a combination of exercises to strengthen the back, manual therapy to improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues, and education about how to take better care of the back to relieve pain in the long term.

"Results from the survey confirmed what we suspected – that low back pain has an impact on everyday life, and Americans often focus on the symptoms, rather than the cause of their back pain," said Wilmarth. "What they might not know is that movement often provides the best long-term relief for pain. As movement experts, physical therapists can help restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve quality of life."

About the Move Forward Back Pain Survey

The Move Forward Low Back Pain Survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive via its QuickQuery omnibus product on behalf of APTA December 15-19, 2011, among 2,646 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Erin Wendel at

About APTA

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) represents more than 80,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students of physical therapy nationwide. Learn more about conditions physical therapists can treat and find a physical therapist in your area at Consumers are encouraged to follow us on Twitter (@MoveForwardPT), Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and are interested in seeking the help of a physical therapist for treatment of low back pain, the skilled staff at Fauquier Health in Warrenton,Virginia is ready to help.  If you would like to know more about our services please click on the button below to submit an email inquiry.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for an evaluation by one of our therapists, please call us at 540-316-2680.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October is National Physical Therapy Month

Physical Therapy at Fauquier Health

What is a physical therapist?  Do I need the services of a physical therapist?  How do I choose the right physical therapist for me?  These may be some questions that you have if physical therapy has been recommended to you.

A physical therapist is a licensed professional that treats injuries, impairments, or disabilities.  Their focus is to promote mobility, function, movement and quality of life, for everyone from newborn to the elderly.  A physical therapist decides upon an individualized plan of care after an evaluation, examination, and diagnosis is completed.  The personal goals of each patient are important to help individualize the treatment or interventions used.  

Physical therapists practice in various settings including outpatient offices, health and wellness clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing and extended care facilities, private homes, schools, hospices, industrial or occupational environments, fitness centers, and sports training centers.  They may also serve in non-patient care capacities such as developing health care policies, working with insurance companies or performing administrative or executive functions.

How do you choose the physical therapist or physical therapy clinic that is best for you?

  • You are hoping to find a clinician who is professional and caring, who will provide expert advice and quality care.  
  • You are looking for a clinician who has expertise or certification in treating your specific problem. 
  • You would like to find a facility that provides consistent care, yet tailored to meet your individual needs. 
  • Many of our clients are looking for a highly skilled therapist who exceeds baseline degree and licensure. 
The rehabilitation team at Fauquier Health meets all of these needs.

All physical therapists are licensed professionals with a college degree.  The majority of therapists at Fauquier Health have a doctorate degree.  In addition, there are many areas of specialty in which therapists may obtain certification after additional study and  experience.  The Fauquier Health rehabilitation team has specialized certifications in the following areas:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation (C/NDT, certified neurodevelopmental treatment for adults with hemiplegia)
  • Pelvic pain and incontinence (CAPP, certification of achievement in pelvic physical therapy)
  • Ergonomics and work capacity assessment (CEAS, certified ergonomic assessment specialist & FCE, Functional Capacity or Work Capacity assessment)
  • Aquatic Physical Therapy (ATRIC, Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation Institute Certified)
  • Spine Rehabilitation (Cert. MDT, Certified Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine) 
Fauquier Health is the only physical therapy clinic in Warrenton with McKenzie certified spine specialists who have completed advanced coursework and passed an international credentialing examination to address neck and back pain as well as associated extremity pain and weakness

So, if you need physical therapy to decrease pain, improve function at home or work, or for recovery after an injury or surgery, we hope you will consider consulting with one of the expert physical therapists at Fauquier Health.   Our team is dedicated to the community and committed to obtaining the education needed to help their patients lead healthy, happy and productive lives.  Give us a call at 540-316-2680 to learn how we may help you to live your best life.  Or, if you prefer, submit an inquiry via email by clicking on the button below.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Terri Hallett & David Grossmann Achieve McKenzie Certification

Fauquier Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Announces Two New Certifications

Fauquier Health Outpatient PMR department is proud to announce two more of our physical therapists have received their spine certification from the McKenzie Institute International. Terri Hallett, PT, DPT, cert. MDT and David Grossmann, PT, DPT, cert. MDT have achieved this distinction following many hours of postgraduate study in mechanical diagnosis and therapy, competencies, and an international credentialing examination provided by The McKenzie Institute International.

The McKenzie Method is a comprehensive approach for examination and treatment of the spine and extremity injuries. This unique method to assess and treat the spine is widely recommended as the first choice for common back and neck problems worldwide. It is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education. The method is widely supported in the international literature as a research proven methodology. “Research has shown that the initial McKenzie assessment procedures to be as reliable as costly diagnostic imaging (i.e., x-rays, MRIs) to determine the source of the problem and quickly identify responders and non-responders.”

Dr. Hallett and Dr. Grossmann join two of our other physical therapists who are also McKenzie certified and an entire team of experienced physical therapists who are dedicated to providing evidence based spine rehabilitation to our patients. It is quite a testament to our hospital’s commitment to quality top notch spine care that we can testify that we have four physical therapists who are McKenzie certified. Fauquier Health Outpatient PMR is committed to providing excellent up to date care and getting our patients back to doing the things they love as quickly as possible. Congratulations to Dr. Hallett and Dr. Grossmann.

More information on the McKenzie method can be found at

If you have questions regarding McKenzie treatment, please call us at 540-316-2680 or press the button below to submit an email inquiry.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fauquier Health Pediatric Rehabilitation Open House Monday, May 7th from 3 to 6 pm

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Come See Our New Location! We are now in Suite 316 at 493 Blackwell Road in Warrenton, VA.

Parents and professionals are invited to tour the new, vastly expanded
location; meet our therapists and learn how our services might benefit
your children or pediatric patients.

Therapists will provide FREE SCREENINGS for children [infants to
teens] and answer questions regarding developmental milestones
for speech and motor skills.

Could your child use some extra help over the summer to get ready
for school in the fall? Talk with our therapists about the possibilities.

Fauquier Health Pediatric Rehabilitation offers
speech, physical, and occupational therapy.
We also provide aquatic physical therapy at our pool on the hospital campus.

If you would like more information, please submit questions by clicking on the button below. If you are unable to attend the Open House, we would be happy to schedule a tour of either of our pediatric clinics at your convenience.