Thursday, October 24, 2013

October is National Physical Therapy Month

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) named the Top 10 Fittest Baby Boomer Cities in America in honor of National Physical Therapy Month and APTA’s campaign  Our city, Washington DC made the top 10 coming in at #7 based on a survey of the largest 50 metro areas in the United States. 

Top Fittest Cities for Baby Boomers in America:

  1. San Jose, CA
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Salt Lake City, UT
  7. Washington, DC
  8. Seattle, WA
  9. San Diego, CA
  10. Raleigh, NC

Way to go Washington!!!!

To find out more information browse the APTA website at or follow the APTA on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

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